Minerva S.A. - Raw material distributor


We started with the commercialization of raw materials, managing a third-party inventory. At the beginning we had only three employees.


Due to the growing demand of the Ecuadorian market, we made our first import so as to manage our own inventory.


We diversified the product portfolio, we began to import and commercialize raw materials for the oil industry.


This year, our visionary work team develops a new industry. We add to our portfolio, raw material for the food industry.


This year, we opened an office in Guayaquil. We increased our work team to 13 people.


Our team, aware that we are part of an environment that needs to improve its ecological awareness, associates Minerva S.A with the “Responsible Care” program.


The continued growth of the organization demands a move to new facilities. In this new workspace, the company acquires its own warehouses in Quito.


With the effort and dedication of our entire work team, Minerva S.A obtained the “ISO 9001: 2008” certification.


We started with the sale of raw materials for a new market, thus the agricultural sector began to form part of our group of customers.


We successfully re-certified ISO 9001:2008


Minerva obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
We opened up our first office in Cuenca.


We are leaders in the commercialization of raw materials for different lines of business. We have a sales team that provide an entire coverage to all Ecuador, with offices and warehouses in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.


Minerva S.A inaugurates a new plant for the manufacture of invert sugar in Ecuador. Following the mission and exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers in quality and service.