Minerva S.A. - Raw material distributor

Quality Policy

At Minerva S.A we sell raw materials and supplies for the wider manufacturing industry. We seek to meet the expectations of our customers, generate sustained profitability, maintain good business relationships, contribute to society and the environment. Likewise, we are focused on the continuous improvement of our processes and on complying with the legal requirements applicable to our line of business.

Occupational health and safety and environment policy

At Minerva S.A we are committed to complying with the Current Legal Regulations on safety, occupational health and the environment. We care about creating efficient and healthy social working environments for our work team.

In addition, we contribute to the preservation and care of the environment, promoting recycling inside and outside the organization, for which economic, technical and human resources are assigned and committed with the aim of achieving continuous improvement, not only as an organization, but also, through the staff who work with us.

We make each of our collaborators aware of the importance of a plastic-free ecosystem, the reuse of paper, among many other ways to improve the future of the planet. This is replicated in each of their homes, thus making a better world; one person, one house, one home at a time.